Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Guided Reading Binder - {A Peek Inside}

I have revamped my Language Arts binder so I thought I would share.

I found these cute binder inserts on teacherspayteachers for FREE!  There are tons of designs and they are editable....what more could you ask for?!?  I will find the link and add it.  So, call me a dinosaur but I went all digital with my plans this year.  This doesn't mean I am cutting edge by any means.  Simply put, I type out all my plans this year and organize/edit them on my computer.

Here is now the cupboard behind my desk looks.  It might look disorganize to you, but it really is the key to my organization when it comes to Guided Math and Guided Reading.

I divvied up sections that would help me stay organized with my Guided Reading groups.  In my first section of the binder I have Guided Reading Resources.  This is where I keep all items that we often use during GR time.  Some examples are our Alphabet Chart (which the below and on-level groups sing when they get to the group) and a vowel chart.  Throughout the year more items may be added.  Other items that don't fit in my binder are in a cupboard behind my GR/GM table.

The next section is Language Arts Data.  Here I have Dibels information on each of my kids, MAP testing information that shows me skill deficits of each of my kids, and important skills that lay the foundation for successful readers.  This helps me to know what specific skills to focus on with each of my groups depending on what each kid needs.  It is very much prescriptive.  

Next up is the Language Arts Curriculum Map area.  This area holds my Language Arts curriculum map used when I plan my whole group instruction.

After that, I have my Guided Reading Plans. Right now, I have 3 guided reading groups.  I hope to keep it this way because it is always tricky adjusting the schedule and making sure each kid gets what they need.  It just depends on how kids progress throughout our year.  If I need to create a fourth group, I will.  I meet with two groups a day for 30 minutes each.  My groups are labeled as follows:  Red-below level  Yellow-on level  Blue (if needed)-on level  Green-above level.  Since I only have three groups, my biggest group is my green group.  They typically can handle more independence with small group time meaning we can cover more material and I am not having to redirect constantly.  I know it is common to say that my red group (below level) should be seen in my small group every single day because those are the kids that need the most support.  These kids are also the ones that get pulled out for an additional 30 minutes every day for reading intervention support.  I switched up my schedule so that I could focus on my on-level and higher level kids just as much as my below-level kids.  It is just what works for me.  Our small group time is very structured.  There is a warm up which is (depending on the group) includes letter and sound recognition, high frequency word practice, and word blending practice.  Then the kids do a picture walk (book preview) and we get our brain ready to read.  The kids whisper read and I tap on each of them.  When they get tapped, they have to read louder so I can hear them read.  This allows me to see if they are noticing and recognizing high frequency words and if they are reading fluently.  After we are finished reading, we work on a specific skill that is needed in that group.

Here are a couple different ways I have one of my groups warm up when it comes to practicing high frequency words.  Each day we warm up with them in a different way.
This is how we warm up in our small group on Tuesdays

This is how we warm up in our small group time on Mondays.

Finally, I have an Anecdotal Notes section where I add my notes that I make during each sections small group.  This allows me to document who is secure and understanding concepts and who might need extra time with a certain skill.

What do you think?  Any suggestions for me?  How do you stay organized with your Guided Reading groups?  I would LOVE to hear from you!

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