Thursday, March 20, 2014

Simon's Hook: Don't BITE!

So, last week, I was on the phone with my mom explaining that I was pulling out my hair trying to get my students to not react when others try to get a rise out of them, especially for silly reasons.  And then my mom stated a phrase that made me pause…"ahhhh…they bit the hook". For a moment I thought she had lost it (which has happened several times before :).  She said it is a book/lesson that she uses during her guidance counseling time with students K-6 and it works like a charm.  So I got on Amazon and ordered immediately and waited for the book to arrive.

The book arrived and I read it one day after school seeing what I could do to prepare for introducing it to my students.  After reading it, the just of the book is to give kids strategies to use for teasing and put downs from other kids.  I grabbed my daughter Layla's fishing pole and was ready for my lesson the next day.  After reading the book and discussing the strategies ONLY a few times, my kids were literally HOOKED!  After our initial lesson, my kids kept asking me to do the "fishing lesson" again.  So we have been taking a few minutes out of each day to make up some scenarios and I have been SOO impressed with how quickly my kids have picked it up.  Now, if someone comes up to me upset because of what someone said to them all I say is…"hmmm you must've bit the hook."  When you bite the hook, the person holding the fishing pole has ALL the control.  Another motto that my mom uses is: don't bite the hook!

I know my explanation is a little foggy on what the actual book COVERS…so I video taped my students to show you exactly what we have been working on.  Now…I am the one in some of the videos doing the teasing, and beforehand, each of my students knows that I don't REALLY feel this way about them…that we are practicing so that if someone really DOES say something similar they know what to do!

Sit back, relax, and let my five and six year olds teach you some strategies for dealing with teasing and put-downs!


I am having trouble uploading my other videos where my students are holding the fishing pole and role playing.  Please visit my Kindergarten Facebook page to view those "Simon's Hook" videos!!

Aren't they amazing teachers?  I think I have a couple actors on my hands.  :)  These are just a couple examples of our problem solving strategies.

The book teaches us to:
1.  agree with the person
2.  change the subject
3.  do nothing (ignore)
4.  walk away
5.  laugh (don't let them anger you)

These are all ways to NOT BITE!

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