Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sit Spots

So a few weeks have gone by and we are currently in our FIRST full five day week.  As you may have read in previous posts, I have quite the group of amazing and excited and energized Kindergartners!  (Who DOESN'T, right?!?)  We have really been working on rules and routines and what a line looks like, etc... it seems no matter how much we practice we still struggle not pushing and shoving and fighting to get the top spot....first in line!  I have never had my students line up in a certain order but this year, I bit the bullet!

I was researching how I could mark spots just right for lining up and many other Kindergarten bloggers have been RAVING about sit spots.  Check them out here!  They are velcro pieces that adhere to your carpet.  You can easily peel them back and reuse them year after year!  They were made by a fellow teacher. (You can also use them to assign sitting areas....hence the name sit spots!) I set them up this week and things for the most part have been working smoothly as far as lining up.  The only tricky thing is if we are somewhere else in the building, I have a few friends that really struggle with where they go.  But with this new plan, they walk with a partner actually.  I figured I would try this as well.  The line will be shorter that way and I will be able to keep them ALL closer to me while we walk with a hand on our hip and a bubble on our lip.  We are making progress every day!

Look at us!! A Perfect number 4 line!

Making Mrs. Bowder sing from the rooftops!
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