Thursday, January 9, 2014

Delightful Differentiating :)

Hello hello hello!  I have been absent from the blogging world for quite awhile…but I am back!!  Life/school got a little crazy to say the least!  Today during Math Stations, I was introducing a new station during small group time with each group of kids.  I thought I would show one way we differentiate the same game throughout a classroom of kids so that it hits their ability levels.
We have struggled a little with putting numbers in order from smallest to biggest, especially if they are random numbers.  So I had a sheet that I got from Shari Sloane's site (which is AMAZING and I use all the time) that used ordering numbers with dice.  So I took that sheet and made it my own.  We have been working hard using subtilizing cards (in a nutshell, dot cards) and I knew some of my kids still weren't ready to order numbers through 30 independently…so…I added subtilizing cards to the station for certain groups because if they are unable to tell what the number is and where it should go in the order of things, they can count the number of objects on each card.  There needs to be four cards pulled at a time because there are four lines (4 at a time…each person pulls a cards) and they have to put them in order smallest to biggest.  For my kids who need a little more of a challenge, I just used basic number cards through 60 that they will pull out and put in order (without dots).  So, basically all groups are doing the exact same station but the numbers vary between groups.

What are some ways that you differentiate stations for your little learners??
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