Thursday, February 13, 2014

WOW words in Kindergarten :)

During Writer's Workshop time in Kindergarten, I encourage my students to get rid of the boring words.  We even (towards the beginning of the year) flush our boring words "like" and "love" down the toilet and say goodbye to them!  (I got the idea from Mrs. Meacham's website )  So early on, we make "power flowers" during a mini lesson and then students use that anchor chart during their independent writing time.  I have been so impressed with how many of my kids NEVER use like and if they do use like we made a rule that you have to write BECAUSE with it.  That is the only time it is okay to write "I like...".  Here are some seasonal "power flowers" we have used during our writing time.  I had a very talented para make them when she was in my room a few years ago...because I am NOT that artistic!  The kids are always looking at our WOW Word Wall and it's fun to see them exercising strong word choice while they write.

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