Monday, August 5, 2013

Remind 101

This summer as I was looking for new ways to integrate technology into our daily Kindergarten life, I read about Remind 101.  This is a great tool to involve parents (and older students who have cell phones/email) with your classroom community.

Basically, you set up your account.  You can either use your computer email or cell phone app (use them both interchangeably) and send parents a note telling them about the app!

When you set up your account, you get a "number" for parents to text to.  Then, anytime, you can email/text parents reminders throughout the day/week/year!  The best part is, neither party has the others cell phone number!  So everyone still feels a sense of privacy.

I found this note that I printed off and sent in my "back to school" envelope to families.  I can't wait to use this piece of technology this year!!  Instead of writing notes for everyone, or using labels and putting them on students' shirts (which I will still probably do occasionally or if it is just for an individual student) I can just sent a quick text or hop on my email if there is a classroom party or music program, etc...!

Here is the letter I printed off for my parents!

How do you use technology to better your classroom?
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