Saturday, July 20, 2013

Workstation Signs

Let's Talk Workstations, people!
I love making/thinking/adding new workstations for my kiddos to do!  I also love calling them workstations because that sounds more like a "work time"!  That is just my opinion, though!

I just finished a new pack of station signs including small station signs for the pocket chart/ bulletin board, baskets/bins and areas of the room for organizational purposes!

I find that changing stations every two weeks works best for me and for my kids!  I run around 10 different stations at a time.  Students go to two different stations a day.  On the pocket chart (picture to come soon) sometimes I have a station just once and for other stations I have it on their pocket chart twice.  They are all grouped homogeneously - meaning same levels work with each other.  That way, higher ability students aren't doing all the work for students who need a little extra support!

Here are the stations in my classroom:
Buddy Beach
Lovely Listeners
Best-Selling Big Books
World Famous Writers
Magic Magnets
Read and Write the Room
Polished Poets
Brainy Book Bin
Pocket Chart
Game Garden
Wacky Word Building
Snazzy Smartboard
Handsome Handwriting

I have very high expectations during Station time and each child knows what is expected of them.  It takes a lot of time at the beginning of the year setting up expectations but the pay off is worth it!  I model, model, model...good and bad behavior!  So do the students....and then we critique each other and have a discussion.  We make "I can" lists for stations and "Looks like...Sounds like" charts as well!

What are some of your favorite stations in your classroom?
I LOVE World Famous Writers and Lovely Listeners!

Check out my station signs!  I love hearing feedback!
 Click on the pictures below!  I used clipart from My Cute Graphics!  Check 'em out!

More to come on Workstations in the future!  Organization, planning, procedures to come soon!!

Mrs. Bowder :)