Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Smelly, Smelly, Who Wants a Smelly?!?

Are you a lover of smellies??  You might be asking yourself what the heck is a smelly.  Let me explain, my friend!

A smelly is a positive behavior strategy that I try to implement as often as possible. It is basically good smelling chapstick or lotion!  THATS IT!  And let me tell you....it works like a charm!  I love smellies!  Kindergarteners love smellies!  We are obsessed with smellies in my classroom.

We all want to catch our kids doing the RIGHT thing and praise them for it instead of always harping on the negative.  Often times if I see certain students not making the correct choices, then I will purposely look for someone who is exhibiting wonderful work skills and I will make a HUGE deal about how impressed I am with their behavior and they can come and get a smelly.  They come up to my table and I put a "smelly" (a rub of chapstick/lotion) on their wrists and they are in heaven!  They smell it and smile and get so excited.  Soon, everyone in the class is working hard for a smelly!  Often times, students will run up to other teachers (or administrators) and ask them if they want to smell their smelly!!  I have gotten a few strange looks for that one! :)  Never a dull moment in teaching!

On that same note, I also have a portable smelly "quiet spray".  Whenever I see a certain table or station buddies or ANYONE working hard and making great choices, I will quietly walk over to them and spritz a few sprays of one of my million bottles of body spray and walk away.  They love it!  I have seen a lot of other teachers put water into a spray bottle from the dollar store and use it for the same concept!

These are just a couple ways that I can praise my littles for working hard and making great choices!
How do you motivate your students ?

My husband's high school class makes lots of different flavors of chapstick for $1 a piece so I stocked up! Pictured:  Bubble gum, Citrus Blast and Fiery Cinnamon! My all-time favorite is Mustang Melon! :)

I used one of my many coupons to BBW and am excited to integrate  this AWESOME smelling lotion into my smelly collection!

Quiet spray!

Two of my boys earned a smelly!  They got to choose which one they wanted.
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