Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Star Word" Puzzles

I came across this idea on Pinterest...and when I followed the link I couldn't find the original post but it was pinned under SchoolHouseGB !  Anywho...I picked up some supplies and got busy!

Got my items!  Sharpies and colored craft sticks! (Who has time to color their own craft sticks?!?)
 I thought the silver colored marker looked the best!  So I started to write out all my high-frequency words for Kindergarten which we call "Star Words"!  In our Kindergarten Curriculum, we have around 30 HFW.  In addition to those words, I also introduce extra words from another HFW list for a challenger because I feel like it is important for my littles to get introduced to as many words as possible while they are with me!  Here is a list of sample words I add to our curriculum!

 My mind got to thinking after I completed each Unit's HFW (of course my good ideas come AFTER I am finished) that maybe I should have colored coded all my Unit HFW's for organizational purposes!  For example:  Unit 1 HFW are "I, can" I could have made them red.  Unit 2 HFW could be blue.  Unit 3 HFW green, etc...

I also got to thinking about how I could use this at the beginning of the school year, when most of my students wouldn't be able to read all these words!  I added color words that we study at the beginning of the year and I also added each kids' name and thought it would be good practice finding their OWN name as well as their classmates name.  They could also match each stick puzzle to a student picture.
Optional for the beginning of the year!  Use names on popsicle sticks.

I also made a complementary sheet that goes with this Language Arts Station!  It allows students to record words they made at this station and it helps them to be held accountable for their work and allows me to see if they need further direction on what to do!  Grab your own copy of the recording sheet HERE!  Graphics are compliments of My Cute Graphics!  Check them out! :)
I would appreciate your feedback if you download it!  Thanks!

Leave a comment below sharing your favorite HFW activities!

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