Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lunch count and Calendar Addition Complete!!

Summer is coming to an end, my friends!  I have been trying to finish up a couple of projects I've been wanting to add/change to my classroom.

In the past, I had used popsicle craft sticks for my lunch count.  I have put each students' name on the sticks and then they can sign in for what they want Choice A, B, C or Cold Lunch.

I wanted to shake it up and get a bit "CRAZY" this year and use magnets instead.  The lunch sticks take up valuable shelf space.  The front part of my desk and the small filing cabinet next to my desk are both magnetic.  In the past I have used that space for various things, but this year that is where my lunch count sign in will be!  It looks cute and I put student numbers instead of names on each magnet so they can be re-used each year.

Like what you see?  Here it is!  If you do choose to download it, please leave a comment below on this blog!  I love hearing feedback and ideas on how you set up lunch choices in your room!

Secondly, I saw this idea from Mothering with Creativity  on Pinterest and thought it was an awesome idea!  I thought that if I added that piece to my calendar then it would be one more way to incorporate math skills, like addition, into our daily practice.

I could've been cutesy and created the "Addition Machine" sign on my computer but it was just wanting it to be completed for the day and it's okay if not everything is cutesy :).  One day I may change it but for now, I am happy!  I added that because I think it is important for my kids to practice writing out an addition sentence.

I used TP rolls instead of paper towel rolls.  I also covered the rolls with patterned duct tape.  I am excited for my littles to use it this year!!!

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